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Metabuild ,Middleware No1 company, provides radar sensor detecting incidents on the road
작성일 : 2020-03-24
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Metabuild, which occupies 70% of the domestic middleware software market, has announced its goal of becoming the No. 1 company in the smart city platform through a radar-based road control system. "We are the first to develop and commercialize a radar-based road control system," said Mr.Cho Poongyeon, CEO of Metabuild said in a daily interview with Maeil Economy Times. Smart-IDS, developed by Metabuild, can capture even minute movements on the road. Because of the use of radar sensors, it is possible to detect collisions, pedestrians entering, wild animals appearing, and falling objects even at night or when the fog is severe.


After detecting the movement with a radar, the image is focused through a tracking camera and the image is automatically saved up to 15 seconds before and after an incidental situation. "Smart IDS has been installed in 100 locations in Korea, including Yeongjong Bridge in Incheon and Seohae Bridge in Gyeonggi Province," said Mr. Cho. "We are exporting 5 billion KRW annually to China, SE Asia and Europe. Furthermore “we are aiming at the export amount of 10 billion KRW"


The advantage of Smart IDS is that the radar sensor can detect up to 1km. "There are no competitors in Korea, and there are companies that make radar-based road control systems overseas, but the detection distance is only 200m," said Mr.Cho. Due to the wide range of radar, the number of installations can be reduced to one-fifth of that of overseas products, making it cost competitive. Mr. Cho observed that as the government's smart city construction work accelerates, demand for radar-based road control systems will increase. In addition to the road control system, Metabuild is also engaged in the Smart BMS (Smart-BMS, Smart Building Management System) business. Smart BMS is a cloud-based smart building platform that integrates power, air conditioning, and access security management.