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ETRI's self-driving infrastructure technology is receiving a great response in Europe ...
작성일 : 2020-04-02
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It has attracted great attention by the domestic researchers, who announced the results of key technology studies that help unmanned autonomous vehicles to run smoothly on the road with overseas institutions. The Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI · President Myung-Jun Kim) announced on the 6th that it has been recognized for its excellence in performance by presenting its research achievements in the international cooperative research for the past three years at MobiLAB, Versailles, France. This project is a research project aimed at developing autonomous driving services and core technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, and installing them on the road site to make service practical.


ETRI, along with Metabuild, a domestic IoT platform and radar development company, proposed research on cross-section safety service technology for autonomous driving and participated in the project as a member of the Korea Industrial Technology Agency (KIAT) to carry out international joint technology development projects. Safety information systems and services built at intersections provide safety information to vehicles in real time to prevent accidents and support autonomous driving. ETRI has secured the technology based on WAVE communication technology, road radar technology possessed by MetaBuild, and M2M platform technology.


The intersection safety information system detects pedestrians or vehicles and delivers relevant information to autonomous vehicles to help respond to situations in advance. The technology developed by the researchers consists of an intersection safety system that creates dynamic map (LDM) information, and a service terminal that generates information and expresses a warning to the vehicle. With this project, we created an initial site interworking with the IoT platform to verify crowd driving, automatic valet parking, and autonomous driving services in the city. Sites were built in a total of six locations. ETRI researchers conducted a signal violation vehicle test and a pedestrian crossing test to confirm that IoT sensor-based safety information technology is effective in reducing accidents. ETRI is also planning to enter the European market through cooperation with related companies in the future. "The intersection safety service technology can be applied to downtown intersections and general roads, and it will be used as an essential technology for ITS services and autonomous vehicles," said Oh Hyun-seo, chief researcher at the autonomous driving intelligence research lab.