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"24-hour control of all traffic conditions on the road"
작성일 : 2019-01-20
첨부파일1 :없음
첨부파일2 :없음
MESIM Smart-IDS (Incident Detection System), an automatic incidents detection system exhibited by Metabuild at the second 4th Industrial Revolution Award, was awarded the Korea Information Society Agency Award. This product detects and reports traffic incidents such as accidents, reverse driving, and pedestrians in real time, including detection range up to 1 km using a radar sensor, and is based on the world's first 34 GHz radar. Since it is a 'radar sensor' method, it recognizes a longer distance than the existing image type. In addition, it can detect 24 hours in all weather (snow, rain, fog, day and night). It can identify the location and speed of individual vehicles on the road in real time, and control the road traffic situation based on the digital twin or use it for on-site facility control.


When a traffic incident occurs on the road, the camera automatically traces the obstacle and provides an event video. It provides real-time safety messages to vehicles using international standard wave (WAVE) and 4G and 5G wireless communication. It has been supplied to more than 20 sections of Yeongjongdaegyo Bridge, and is also pursuing exports to China and abroad. " Existing products have a maximum recognition distance of only 300 meters and the recognition rate is low during fog or night," is said by Poong-yeon Cho, CEO of Metabuild. It is also effective in reducing operating costs by reducing server and communication facilities. ” Metabuild supplied awarded products to Korea Expressway Corporation, including CITS, Seoul-Chuncheon, Busan outskirts, Busan-Ulsan, Ulsan Bridge, Bongpyeong Tunnel, and Cheonan Tunnel. It was also delivered to Pangyo's Zero City. He also received the World Road Technology Award for excellence in new technology.