Cooperate Identity pursuing core technology for customer.

Cooperate Identity Pursuing core technology for customer.

METABUILD, a leading company in domestic middleware Software industry, is the private organization that creates and builds core value for our customers There are three circles in our CI which symbolizes Information Exchanges and Connections. It depicts our strong will to crate new technology persistently. The meaning of orange color represents a young METABUILD’s employee being energetic and challenging.

Symbol Mark

As our symbol stands for METABUILD, it’s the key components both internally and externally. Therefore, one has to use it in accordance with the regulation of CI policy which prohibits illegal usages/modifications or transformations without authorizations.


This logotype also stands for the image of METABUILD. In order to protecting transformation of the logotype, one should use it zooming in/out in direct proportion.

Color System

Color system is also one of the important elements for making the image of METABUILD. Whoever wants to use our CI should have to utilize the exact color to avoid any possible confliction.


Signature System

Signature system is designed for building unified image of combining symbol and logotype effectively.


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