Health Care

METABUILD doesn't stay at current framework,
will challenge all of innovative chage and ahacieve a dream of future.

Senior Care Service
IoT Service Platform Medical Information Integration Bus(MESIM IoT)

IoT-MIB is able to provide heterogeneous data integration by using the data interoperability based on Semantics and personalized healthcare service through analyzing data of participants in service


  • Integrating non-standard data between hospitals
  • Collecting and converting data from IoT sensor devices
  • Modeling and converting to semantics to recognize the situation

Healthcare service provider

  • Securing the high reliable data through the consenting with subscribers
  • Being able to provide verified healthcare service by connecting to physicians
  • Reducing the technical burdens from gathering and changing the sensor data


  • Reducing the reimbursement rate through disease prevention service


  • Providing advanced total healthcare service by collaborative agreement
  • Increasing the profit for medical service provider by reimbursement from the health service fee