METABUILD doesn't stay at current framework,
will challenge all of innovative chage and ahacieve a dream of future.

E-Government 3.0
Public information Sharing Infrastructure

Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
Self-Governing Entity Monitoring Project

Administration supporting by implementing regular monitoring system for administration information of local government as City/Province administration, Saeol administration, and local finance

Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
Customized Administrative Information Sharing Advanced Project

Implement the customized administration information sharing system through government-wide information distribution hub with MESIM ESB

Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
Integrated Information System of Emergency Resources Management

Implement a link system based on MESIM ESB for sharing in real-time, right place and right time of national resources to prepare disasters and emergencies

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Global Logistics/Trade Integration Project

We have implemented a SOA-based real-time logistics information service through the integration of central government logistics, trade, and customs network by MESIM ESB

Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service
Employment·Industrial Insurance Web-EDI System

Integrated KWCWS systems with employment·industrial insurance Web-EDI and other government entities with Indigo MESIM ESB