Data Integration & Management

Mesim products integrate and communicate data between system to system
as a middleware software. It is used and make value added through integration and
sharing of information in governement, finance, manufacturing and service industries.

MESIM ESBㅣService Integrated Platform

MESIM ESB product uses service and template pattern which implemented Enterprise Integration Pattern(EIP), and helps to link and integrate the systems based on the link interface and simple rule settings only.
Various Patterns of Routing
Asynchronous/Synchronous Messaging Method
Asynchronous Synchronous
  • One-way Asynchronous
  • Two-way Asynchronous(the same port)
  • Two-way Synchronous
  • One-way Asynchronous(Multi-Distribution)
  • Two-way Asynchronous(the different port)
  • Two-way Synchronous (Aggregation
Routing Methods
Routing Methods Description
  • Message Distribution
  • ESB distributes messages received from the transmission system to a large number of receiving systems using mmulticast, contents-base, receive list routing patter, etc.
  • Multicast : A routing function which equally distributes messages to a large number of systems
  • Contents-Base : : A routing function which distributes to one recipient based on the message contents
  • Receive List : A routing function which distributes based on the rule based Receive List
  • Message Aggregation
  • ESB requests responses to many systems (Receive 1/Receive 2/Receive 3) on transmission system requests. Aggregates results of each system, standardizes as a unit message and provide the results to the requested system
  • Message Sequential Processing
  • ESB provides a result to the requested system through sequential processing of transmission system requests
  • Send the input message results to the next following input of system (Send the result of Receive 1 to the Receive 2 input)
  • Message Deferred Processing
  • Provide the response of receiving system for transmission system request
  • ESB sends the results to different receiving systems (Apart from receiving system's response message request/response transactions)