Data Integration & Management

Mesim products integrate and communicate data between system to system
as a middleware software. It is used and make value added through integration and
sharing of information in governement, finance, manufacturing and service industries.

MESIM ESBㅣService Integrated Platform

MESIM ESB product supports various service components, and provides real-time linkage between service requestors and providers for system application(DB, File, XML, ERP, etc.) to get easily link with the same/different kinds of ESBs.
Connection Component and Main Functions
Standard Component of Connection
Category Adaptors Description
DBMS Adapter
  • Oracle, Informix, DB2, MS SQL
  • NonStop SQL,Cubrid
Provide all operating systems by adapter to link with commerce DBMS
File Adapter
  • XML
  • EDI, Flat File
Adapter to link with various file formats
Support security protocol (sFTP, FTPs, SSH, etc.)
WAS Adapter
  • BEA WebLogic, JEUS, IBM WebSphere
  • Sybase EA Server, etc.
Commerce web application server adapter
  • CORBA (Orbix, OrbixWeb, Visibroker)
Adapter to connect with commerce TP Monitor and CORBA product
Package Application Adapter
  • ERP(SAP/R3, Scalar, Oracle, etc.)
  • KMS, Groupware
  • CRM(Siebel, etc.)
Adapter to link with commerce packaged application
Protocol Adapter
  • SOAP(1.1, 1.2 Recommendation)
  • Socket(WinSock, Unix Socket)
  • HTTP/S(1.1)
  • FTP, SMTP/Pop3
  • JMS(1.1)
  • X.25, Serial communication
  • SNA(LU6.2, LU0)
A protocol adapter to transmit various types of data
Main Functions
Classification Description
Support Protocol
  • JMS, TCP/IP(Socket), HTTP, SOAP, FTP, RMI, X.25, etc.
Individual Scheduling
  • Process based on the fixed-schedule because the adapter manages the schedule itself without any manpower
Connection Management
  • Efficient resource management by polling and management connection with adapter itsel
Distributed Transaction
  • Provide a transaction administrator who can support distributed transaction from the adapter (if, it supports XAResource)
  • Ensure data integrity on RDBMS, package application and others as most of them supports XA
Message Verification
  • Decide whether it will process or return messages through verification of the received message from adapter
Support ADK
  • Adapter ADK is available through JAVA, C/C++, and other languages
Sending Security
  • Support PKI, data encryption(SEED, ARIA), security transmission (FTPs, SSL, etc.)
Sending Compression
  • Sequential processing for message segmentation/compression transfer and message confor