Data Integration & Management

Mesim products integrate and communicate data between system to system
as a middleware software. It is used and make value added through integration and
sharing of information in governement, finance, manufacturing and service industries.

MESIM EAIㅣApplication Integrated Platform

MESIM provides the best solution for the integration of data and applications across different systems. Especially this solution guarantees distributed processing of large volume, interoperability and data integrity by leveraging redundant transaction technology.

Legacy Issues

  • Lack of Interconnectivity by Island-like information system
  • Difficult to manage Data Integrity
  • Increasing developing and maintenance cost
  • Possibility in redundant development
  • Lack of information sharing

Hub & Spoke Architecture

  • Synchronization of real-time information and process
  • Integrated Management of Monitoring
  • Decreasing additional development and maintenance
  • Integrated management of Interconnection
  • Keeping Data Integrity
  • Easy to trouble shooting