Data Integration & Management

Mesim products integrate and communicate data between system to system
as a middleware software. It is used and make value added through integration and
sharing of information in governement, finance, manufacturing and service industries.

MESIM MCIㅣChannel Integrated Platform

MESIM MCI product has consistent relationships with various external channels of financial system and supports standardized interface implementation. It is a solution which helps to realize an optimized channel system by system integration management & operation.


  • Customer service channel types are diversified
  • Increase demands of additions in a new channel and changes in the existing channel
  • A rapid interface development is necessary for various channels
  • Integrated management is necessary for various kinds of customer interaction

Expected Benefits

  • Efficient management of administrators/managers by intensive care of every kind of system failure and system status in the center
  • Easily managed through companywide standard platform implementation
  • Use an individual structure and develop rapidly when implementing a new service
  • Effective management of customer data

Special Features of Product

  • Consists of a SOA-based, it is easy to expand functions in future
  • Support GUI integrated development environment and development tool
  • Change the existing channel by rule or change in settings
  • Reduce a cost as it has an individual structure even if there is any change in the back-end system