Data Integration & Management

Mesim products integrate and communicate data between system to system
as a middleware software. It is used and make value added through integration and
sharing of information in governement, finance, manufacturing and service industries.

MESIM mHUBㅣData Transmission of Networks

MESIM mHUB is a security solution that interlocks two physically separated networks in real time using shared storage. It provides communication of DB, HTTP, FTP, etc. by using a shared disk, rather than using the existing network, between separate networks inside and outside the company.

Issues of Current System

  • Important data can be leaked through Internet
  • Secured infrastructure implementation for important data is necessary
  • Increase in loss of business costs due to the virus

Network Security System Implementation

  • The existing system provides service online, but the network is disconnected
  • Request for separated network link system to connect external service and internal information while solving the security problem

Improvements Needed

  • Separation is required physically between the internal and external network where internet is accessible
  • Data link between internal and external network to performm the existing duty normally

Expected Benefits

  • The regular hacking route is blocked by blocking TCP/IP between the internal/external server
  • TCP/IP-based programs like Telnet, SSH, FTP are inoperable
  • The existing link is sustainable by using fiber channel instead of TCP/IP