Data Integration & Management

Mesim products integrate and communicate data between system to system
as a middleware software. It is used and make value added through integration and
sharing of information in governement, finance, manufacturing and service industries.

MESIM DDSㅣReal-Time Data Transmission

MESIM DDS product is a data-based publish/subscribe message telecommunication middleware technology to distribute data and ensure a real-time high reliability in the distributed environment. It helps to collect, distribute, delivery or share various kinds of distributed data with sub-systems horizontally or vertically.

Current Status and Issues

  • Increase of real-time delivery and requests on a large amounts of complex data in an ubiquitous environment
  • Needs to develop an application program for an autonomous and efficient data exchange
  • Allows real-time high-performance data transmission and processing
  • Require a large number of embedded systems which configure one network dynamically and form a network domain
  • Requires a technology capable of transmitting and receiving transparent data from users

Apply DDS

  • Implement a fully distributed global data space (Global Data Space, GDS)
  • Supports a continuous operation of the entire system even if bottlenecks or errors occur in one system
  • In the event of a specific topic, allows the participants to approach and exchange events by topics
  • Provide a Read/Write method interface for event exchanges between applications without knowing a data exchange partner
  • Structural support for Publish/Subscribe