Smart Hi-Tech Covergence Solution

Smart Hi-Tech Solution leads platform based technolgy of detecting,
communicating and controlling in Smart Highway, Unmanned Air Vihicle and Smart city.

Smart-IDSㅣAutomatic Incident Detection System

Smart-IDS uses radar technology to detect incidents on the road in all weather condition and regardless of day and night in real time, and classify incidents (accidents, road stops, etc.) based on AI object recognition in order to provide to drivers and operators. This is a system for preventing accidents in advance.
Main Functions

  • Cover up to 5-lanes-wide and 1km long.
  • Detects stopped vehicle, moving vehicles, obstacles, wrong way driving, their position and speed.
  • Tracks up to 128 vehicles simultaneously.
  • Detects pedestrians and animals in close distance.
  • All-Weather and light conditions Operation.
  • Provide GUI based S/W for administrator.
  • Give the Alarm administrators using a popup window or a sound.
  • Can make roughly average speed and traffic volume in detection range.
  • Directs a PTZ camera toward event position.
  • Provides safety messages based on ISO TC204 Standards using I2V communication(WAVE).

Case of Application

  • Verification system of falling objects/broken cars on the road
  • Verification system of road surface status Verification system of wild animals and pedestrians
  • Road traffic measurement and speed enforcement system

Targets for Screening

  • Vehicle: Passenger cars, vans, buses, trucks, etc.
  • Falling objects: broken cars, side street cars, bumper, box, steel, etc.
  • Moving objects: pedestrians and wild animals