Hi-Tech Covergence Solution

Smart-WAVE Hi-Tech Solution leads platform based technolgy of detecting,
communicating and controlling in Smart Highway, Unmanned Air Vihicle and Smart city.

Smart-WAVEㅣWireless Communication system between vehicle and road, vehicle and vehicle

Smart-WAVE can support ITS(Intelligent Transportation System) standard protocol which is made for wireless communication between moving vehicle and vehicle(V2V), moving vehicle and base station installed in roadside (V2I), and provide information which is gathered real time roadside status and traffic accidence information.

RSU(Road Side Uint) satisfying International Protocol(802.11p) supports wireless communication in a road and provide precise location information, real-time emergency, accident situation with radar and WAVE integration technology.

Satisfied International WAVE Protocol
  • Satisfied International WAVE Protocol (802.11p), supporting exchangeability others
  • Satisfied International WAVE Security Protocol (1609.2)
  • More than 100 simultaneous connections, Transmission cycle information(100msec), Communication delivery distance (1Km)
Precise location Information
  • Transmission location information within 1m with WAVE protocol
Radar and WAVE Integration
  • Provide real-time road situation information to driver even day and night and bad weather condition with WAVE protocol