Smart Hi-Tech Covergence Solution

Smart Hi-Tech Solution leads platform based technolgy of detecting,
communicating and controlling in Smart Highway, Unmanned Air Vihicle and Smart city.

Smart-uMOPㅣUAV Ground Control Service Solution

Smart-uMOP product is a solution for controlling and managing unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) on the ground and provides integrated functions of flight control, mission planning, image processing, etc. It provides an interoperability to apply on multi-models of UMV by accepting NATO's STANAG 4586 standard protocols.

Current Status & Problems

  • Difficult to expand compatibility and operation by using various protocols between vendor and BCS terrestrial body
  • Difficulty in providing diversity and convenience for extending mission services
  • The advantages such as quickness for drone utilization and low cost can not be emphasized, and long preparation time and many professional workers
  • Decreased utilization due to lack of platform which is core technology of drone industry

Application of Drones
Multi-Operating Platform

  • Creation of various mission services through application of ICBAM-based heterogeneous and multi-drones platform with high technological completeness
  • Heterogeneous concurrent control of IoT/ESB messaging infrastructure and semantic-based information management for operability
  • Reduce costs and shorten deployment time by providing common functions and interfaces
  • Providing customized services with standard / non-standard protocol support and PaaS-based data processing
  • SaaS-based control module and multi-layer based monitoring module imporves accesibility for non-experts