Smart Hi-Tech Covergence Solution

Smart Hi-Tech Solution leads platform based technolgy of detecting,
communicating and controlling in Smart Highway, Unmanned Air Vihicle and Smart city.

Smart-CityㅣSmart-City Integrated Platform

Smart city integrated platform based on IoT, Cloud, Bigdata, AI, 5G, AR / VR, 5D GIS, Blockchain, and mobile (autonomous vehicle, robot, drone and commercial new technology is supposed to provide administrative, transportation, crime prevention, disaster prevention energy and facilities with various city services through scalable middleware that is expandable in a multi-layered way through P2P (Platform 2 Platform), P2S (Platform 2 Service), and S2S (Service 2 Service). It is an integrated platform
Smart-City Features

Integrated operating
environment support

  • Integrated service operating environment
  • Situational awareness & response

Function integration

  • Common features
  • Modulization

New technology

  • IoT/ESB/Cloud/Edge
  • Drone/AI/Bigdata


  • Embedded Service Module
  • Fiexible integration expansion
  • Citizen-led/problem-solving