Smart Hi-Tech Covergence Solution

Mesim Smart Hi-Tech Solution leads platform based technolgy of detecting,
communicating and controlling in Smart Highway, Unmanned Air Vihicle and Smart city.

MESIM PMPㅣPlant Management Platform

MESIM PMP product is based on the existing middleware technology system composed of sensor and actuator. It helps to operate and control plant and make decisions of adapter based on data acquisition, save&management and analysis by each process.

Current Status and Issues

  • A lot of costs for collecting and managing data created from the various sources in plant
  • Requires a method to manage at a single system by integrating information stream collected from the various sources
  • Need to provide information in an effective and timely manner for business plan establishment and making a decision
  • Need to provide the plant data and information in a meaningful and practical format

Introduction of Plant SW Platform

  • Provide a real-time event management&search and expandable data capacity management through manufacturing plant, processing data collection or distributed engine
  • Implement a time series repository role for all events
  • Deliver a real-time and historical data in a safe and timely manner to an appropriate person and support making a business decision based on the information
  • Process a meaningful information by using reporting and analysis tools